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Company Profile

Euro SITEX s.r.o. is a modern, dynamic company established on tradition, experience and expertise of its domestic and foreign stakeholders and partners. Having such a background, the Company employs specialists who represent the absolute top in their area of expertise. The Company has been in the market for twenty years and it’s the largest Czech industrial screens supplier. Euro SITEX is also intensively active in the technical cloths, perforated sheets, wire conveyor belts and filters markets.


Euro SITEX s.r.o. has established its strong position in the Czech and European markets thanks to the high quality of its products and consulting services. At present, we have sales representatives and subsidiaries in Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, Belarus, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldavia and newly also in Kazakhstan.

The main objective of Euro SITEX s.r.o. is to provide consulting services and support to our customers to the maximum possible extent, particularly in the filelds of mining industry, production of building materials, building industry and architecture, in food-processing industry, in glassworks, mechanical engineering and in metallurgy.

Euro SITEX s.r.o. puts effort into documenting all corporate processes that have impact on the quality of our products and services and thus in 2001 the Company became a holder of the CSN EN ISO 9002 quality system certificate issued by the Czech Naval and Industrial Register in Prague. The certified quality assurance system applies to deliveries of all our products as well as to consulting services. In 2002, the certification was extended to CSN EN ISO 9001:2001.

Euro SITEX s.r.o. not only represents tradition and a strong position in the Czech and European markets, but, in the first place, a guarantee of quality, reliability and credibility. We are capable of meeting various individual requests of our customers.

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