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Special fine woven wire screens designed for filtering fluids as well as for high-pressure filtration.


Designed for various branches of industry (the glass, chemical, food industry etc.), these cloths serve especially as filtering and sorting surfaces. They can also be used as covers, grids, supporting layers in multi-layer filters etc. Their scope of use is unlimited, depending on the clients’ needs. At present they are becoming more and more popular in architecture.



Stainless steel, the most commonly used class is 1.4301 according to ČSN DIN (meets the requirements for materials used in the food industry).


Roll Width

Standard 1 - 2 m, other widths are produced upon order according to production possibilities.


Roll Length

Usually around 30 rm. However, the minimum quantity per order is 1 rm.


Mesh Size

0.020-10.00 mm (see the Download Section)

Wire Diameter

0.020-2.00 mm (see the Download Section)


Delivery Time

All basic types are kept on stock. Production upon order takes 1 - 6 weeks.

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