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Wire Screen - Fine Sorting Screens in Frames

Fine sieves for separation of loose materials and for filtration in the glass, chemical and food-processing industries.


Separation of fine loose materials or their filtration, especially in the building material industry and in the ceramics and food-processing industries.

The screen tensioning technology consists of tensioning the wire screen in all four directions. The tension is measured in each direction by a torque preload and, thanks to this, the tension moment is the same in all screens. Since the screen has already been tensioned in the frame, there is no need to deal with the tensioning after its installation into the sorting machine.


Frame Shapes and Designs

We are able to make round, rectangular, square and triangle frames or other shapes according to the client’s request. New separating screens are delivered with new frames but we are also able to repair old ones. The fine wire screens are either glued or soldered to the frame. Separating screens in frames can be equipped with various accessories upon the customer’s request (e.g. drains, rubber sealing, self-cleaning and so on).



The frames as well as the fine wire screens are made of stainless steel, see the Material Chart in the Download Section.



Round separating screens in frames can be produced with diameter from 300 to 2650 mm. This is the maximum possible dimension for other shapes as well (e.g. rectangular, square, triangle).


Delivery Time

production upon order

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