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Expanded Metal Round Mesh

This type of expanded metal cannot be made of stainless steel and it is always flattened.


The permeability (i.e. the open area in %) of the round mesh is the smallest of all expanded metal types. It is very often used instead of perforated sheets, although the shape of the mesh is not a precise circle. It is usually cheaper than perforated sheets and it is supplied mostly as flattened. Expanded metal is produced according to the DIN 791 standard.



  • steel grades 11 and 17, galvanized steel, aluminium
  • non-standard materials upon the request of the customer (brass, copper)


Standard Dimensions

  • sheets 1000 x 2000 mm
  • in rolls (usual width 1000 mm - various lengths)
  • it is possible to deliver precisely cut dimensions upon the client’s request



  • flattened



Decorative and safety covers, architectural elements, partitions, panels, gratings, filters, reinforcements, stair steps, grids, sorting, acoustic purposes.


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