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Conveyor Belts Type 1000

Spiral belts for freezing and cooling tunnels, cooling belts for bakeries.


The basic construction of this belt is a standard design of spiral wires joined together by straight transverse wires. However, due to its special chain link edges, the belt is able to curve with the help of special guides. This belt can be produced with or without the spiral wires. Drive wheels are delivered upon the client’s request.



  • direct run of the belt
  • zero belt slip
  • the belt can be guided into a curve or up a rising spiral
  • a large open area enabling easy air penetration
  • a very low weight
  • long service life


As a spiral belt for freezing and cooling tunnels, as a conveyor belt in the confectionery and chocolate industry, as a cooling belt in bakeries, as a conveyor belt in the chemical industry, as a carrying belt in special dryers; as a conveyor discharge belt for special unloading towers in harbours and airports etc.


This type of belt is most commonly used for:
  • cooling
  • freezing
  • drying
  • continuous transportation
  • packing



  • Transverse wire pitch: 19.05 - 27.40 mm
  • Spiral wire pitch: 5.00 - 12.70 mm
  • Transverse wire diameter: 5.00 mm
  • Spiral wire diameter: 1.00 - 1.60 mm
  • Standard materials: stainless steel
  • Working temperature: from -200 to +350°C
  • Edging: chain (KE)

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