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Laboratory Assortment Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory sieves and machines and, to a limited extent, laboratory accessories.


The machines for laboratory analytical separation (sifters) are used for automatic sorting of loose materials into separate fractions. They make it possible to obtain reliable analysis results in a very short time. The basic principle of the sorting technique is a simulation of manual sifting. The HAVER laboratory machines create a 3D sifting movement and thus spread the sorted material over the entire surface of the sieve. For materials that are more difficult to sift, an interruption of the sorting process can be programmed, which increases its intensity. This significantly speeds up the whole process.

The HAVER analytical sifting machines with an EML Digital Plus Electromagnetic Drive have no rotating parts and they are very robust; they do not require a regular maintenance and their noise level is minimal. The scope of their application is wide. Their construction is solid and resistant thanks to a double-spring system and cast-iron components. No undesirable vibrations are transferred to the fixed parts of the analytical sifting machine and its pedestal.

The HAVER UWL 400 analytical sifting machines have the best prerequisities for efficient and high-quality separation, particularly for separation of coarse-grained materials. The sifters are able to process samples of up to 20 kg.

The RoTap TYLER laboratory machines are especially popular for sorting according to the FEPA standards. They are equipped with an impact arm.

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