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Conveyor Belts The CLEANBELT Device

A special automatic cleaning system for the Type 550 Z-BELT.


This device was developed exclusively for cleaning of the belt Type 550 Z-Belt (the Rolled Baking Oven Belt). There are two parts: the first part consists of a structure with a roller composed of individual cogged discs, the number of which on the shaft corresponds to the number of openings in the belt. This way, every opening in the belt is cleaned by one of the cogged discs. The device is without a drive and cleaning takes place only when the belt is moving, by the own weight of the cogged roller. It is recommended to install another device behind the CLEANBELT, with two special roller brushes from the top and from the bottom side of the belt, the lower brush being driven electrically against the movement of the belt.



  • high quality cleaning of the belt and thus extending its working life
  • a very simple installation
  • minimum electricity consumption costs
  • long working life of the device



For cleaning of the Type 550 Z-Belt (Rolled Baking Oven Belt) for baking various small sweet and salty biscuits. When used properly, this device can double the working life of the belt.  Its installation is carried on the lower branch of the belt  outside the oven and the device takes up approximately 2 rm of the belt for both of its parts. The device must be used together with the right belt, for this reason it is necessary to know the exact specification (the belt width, number of openings etc.).

This device is used in the process of:

  • baking


  • Standard material: a special type of steel
  • Working temperature: up to 200 °C

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