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Perforated Sheets Square Mesh

An interesting design that finds application in industry, but also in architecture.


Due to their look, perforated sheets with square mesh are very popular. They are used in many branches of industry and play a special roll in architecture. Since the holes form alligned rows which is a great advantage of this type of perforation, the sheets can be divided into various formats and still have non-perforated edges.



  • structural carbon steels grade 11, galvanized steel, aluminium
  • stainless steel grade 17
  • special materials upon the customer’s request (copper, brass, etc.)
  • for special orders, it is possible to produce sheets according to specified drawings


Standard Dimensions

  • sheets 1000 x 2000 mm
  • maximum size 1500 x 3000 mm
  • sheet thickness 0.4 – 12 mm (NB: maximum thickness for stainless steel is 6 mm)



  • sorting, filter baskets, covers, partitions, panels, architectural elements, sound insulation, ventilation systems, suspended ceilings, ventilation grilles

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