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Conveyor Belts Type 500, 502

Special wire belts for quenching, annealing and soldering furnaces, up to 1200°C.


The belt is made of one-sided spiral wires (either left or right) that are, in addition, entwined with each other. These spirals are joined by transverse wires edged by welding. The Type 502 represents another variant of this belt made of doubled spirals.



  • suitable for heavy loads and high temperatures
  • longer working life comparing to the Type 400 if in the same working environment
  • very sensitive during setting and running, suitable only for low speeds



As a conveyor belt for quenching and tempering furnaces as well as for other heat processing up to 1200°C.

This belt is most commonly used for:

  • sintering (caking)
  • brazing
  • quenching
  • tempering
  • annealing



  • Transverse wire pitch: 3.00 - 50.00 mm
  • Spiral wire pitch: 3.00 - 50.00 mm
  • Transverse wire diameter: 0.90 - 5.50 mm
  • Spiral wire diameter: 0.60 - 5.50 mm
  • Standard material: stainless steel for high temperatures
  • Working temperature: up to 1200°C
  • Edging: welding (G)

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